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UNIX Services 
The IT-Spark team of 20+ highly skilled professionals each have between 5 and 20 years of UNIX experience. Services cover a wide range of UNIX platforms including teaching, support and consultancy advice on issues such as security, communications and administration. The group also provides expertise on the Internet and Systems Integration for disparate components in the UNIX environment as well as advice and support to users of networked Workstations and PCs.

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Hardware Storage Systems
Operating Systems Programming Services
Database Management Systems Backup Software
System Management Software Web Solutions

IT-Spark provides training, consultancy and development on the full-range of HP servers: ProLiant, Integrity, NonStop, HP 9000 and AlphaServer across all the supported operating systems: HP-UX, Windows, Linux, OpenVMS or Tru64 UNIX.

We have a proven team who specialise in Cluster and High Availability design and implementation using HP TruCluster Server, HP OpenVMS Clusters and HP ProLiant Clusters.

IT-Spark provide Customer Education services to HP across the Asia-Pacific region.

IT-Spark is a member of HP's Developer and Solution Partner Program (DSPP).

Sun Microsystems 
IT-Spark provides training and consultancy on all supported Solaris platform as well as the upcoming Solaris 10 release, on Systems running on SPARC, UltraSPARC and x86 architectures.

IT-Spark provide education services to Sun across the Asia-Pacific region - including Employee Technical Training.

On-Site Services 
The IT-Spark team of professionals skilled in UNIX architectures provide training, consultancy, development and maintenance tailored to you specific needs. We have a history of success through our unique ability to communicate and produce results with minimum delay and risk.

Many IT-Spark professionals specialise in cost-effective maintenance and enhancement of applications software.

IT-Spark believes that the outsourcing of "legacy" systems frees in-house staff to work on new systems that are more appropriately developed close to the business functions for which they are being built.

Microsoft courses
IT-Spark has a team of dedicated Windows professionals that can provide consultancy, support and development expertise in most Microsoft products.

IT-Spark provides Hewlett-Packard Australia with Instructors for its ASE and AIS certification program - which is a certified requirement for both HP internal staff and their Channel partners. This covers hardware and software technical training a a high level.

Software Maintenance
Many IT-Spark professionals specialise in cost-effective maintenance and enhancement of applications software.

In the Windows technology areas, IT-Spark provide skills transfer to your staff on site which minimises your outlay with staff away - and can tailor the training to you specific requirements.